Meet Me

My name is Carolina Castanheira and I live in Portugal, Europe.

yup, I googled it for you

I have a bad hobby called shopping which makes me have more clothes than time to wear them.

I hope someday i'll become a fashion journalist or anything that keeps me in touch with fashion.
One of my main goals in life is to live in New York but for now i'd just like to visit it.

The only thing keeping me from have a perfect love affair with clothes is the fact that I'm only 5' 1.4" (1,56m) so sometimes it's hard to wear some things as you might see in my pictures.

I'm pretty sure I'll become a cat lady - I'm not really saying I'll be single and with no life, though that's possible, what I mean is that I really really love cats and I'll probably have tons of them.

Also, you should know I might be the laziest person alive so please don't expect me to be posting religiously because in my free time I'm either sleeping or shopping.

I love you all so message me if you'd like to know anything else :)

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