From The Bottom Of My Heart

Ok so I won't even apologize again for being so away because I'm sure that if you still spend some of your time to check my blog and see if I've posted something new (which I doubt any of you do) you've read my apologies a ridiculous amount of times by now. So what I mean is that I created this blog just to share my passion for fashion with anyone interested in reading it and I want this to be something I enjoy doing and definitely not something I feel like I have to do and I really hope you can be ok with that and understand that I haven't at all lost my interest in blogging but I just want to do it when I feel like doing it so that it can actually turn out nice instead of forced and fake. And if your willing to stick with me even though it may seem like I'm dead sometimes, then I have thank you  from the bottom of my heart.

PS: I hope it didn't sound too harsh, it wasn't my intention :) xx

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