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Hey lovelies! I'm writing to you live from Bulgaria! I have a lot of photos already and I'll try to upload as soon as I get back. Now let's talk about business: tattoos are a great way to embellish an outfit and yourself. I think they can look both edgy and classic and they usually tell us a bit about the person. Many times people are afraid to do them and they even think that they may get tired of them and that's one of the reasons why I love Fake Tattoos (now that you read this you really have to click there - get ready to be amazed). As you probably know temporary tattoos are now extremely popular since Chanel introduced it on their models.




I received this great, awesome, pretty and lovely tattoos from Fake Tattoos and I must say I loved it! They're super easy to apply and they last a lot (between 3-5 days but sometimes even up to 14 days)! Now I guess everything you have to do is to go to their website, choose your tattoo and order it (they ship worldwide).
Also, if you love them as much as I do go like their Facebook page аnd also follow them on Twitter so that you'll get a lot of promo codes so that  you'll get them for an even lower price!

Have a lovely weekend!


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  4. i have no idea these fake tatoos existed!!! besides the henna ones. Great idea.

  5. Love the short!
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